Do you suffer from Offer Fatigue?

Google Offer Fatigue and I bet it doesn’t come up.  The reason is, it’s a new term and I have recently adopted it.  I cannot take credit for it’s origin.  I think it was a real estate agent that said it to me a few years ago.  You still don’t hear much of the term Offer Fatigue, but let me tell you, it’s real.  And I want to help people overcome it.

So, what is Offer Fatigue and what are the symptoms you ask?  Well it’s submitting one offer after another on a house or condo, only to have them all rejected.  This occurs over weeks, months and even years.  It comes with low-ball offers, over-list offers, closing cost credits and offers to the seller they can live in their home for months for free as they look for a house. Finally, it comes with the prognosis that no offer is going to stick, and I might as well get out of the home buying search.  Today I am here to offer you a new perspective, it’s not you….it’s your team!

Home buying is a team event.  You can’t rely on one person in today’s market.  You have to have a team of professionals there to help you every step of the way.   A team is not only a real estate agent, but a real estate attorney (notice how I didn’t say any attorney, but a real estate attorney…must be an attorney who is real estate centric) and of course, a mortgage banker like myself.  The reason is, the team can help the seller answer all their questions and concerns about a buyer.  The team provides all the resources it can to help the buyer, and seller get the deal done.  The team is there when you need them.  The team knows the answers and will convey them correctly.

Here’s a couple examples how a team can work.  On the North Shore and Boston, there are a few tricky things to look out for that could hurt someone’s preapproval and buying power.  In Boston, it’s common for a condo to be listed for sale on MLS with a resident exemption tax rate instead of the full tax rate.  If you live in a property you own in Boston, you get up to a $2700 a year exemption in your tax bill.  That is over $200 a month.  If a home buyer’s preapproval is tight, $200/month could result in a denial on the loan.  If it’s not caught until after the offer accepted, a home inspection and appraisal is ordered, the buyer is out $100’s if not $1000’s of dollars.  That’s in addition to the time and anxiety of the process.  Money, time and energy wasted by all parties.

West Gloucester has sewer projects deferred billing added every other quarter to the tax bill.  So, we must look at the full year taxes and not the quarterly taxes.  Lots of Cape Ann’s roads are private and require a private road agreement.  However, in Gloucester, these private road agreements rarely exist.   I know how to get around it, and a good local team would know too.

If you think you are suffering from Offer Fatigue, you need to get in touch with me asap.  I will review your preapproval for free, and then connect you to one of the great real estate agents here at  From there we will create your dream home buying team.

Don’t go into the last parts of the spring buying market suffering Offer Fatigue, get energized by The Pratt Mortgage Team at CrossCountry Mortgage and its teammates!

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