#DIYGRAND + Win a Festool Sander!

win a festool sander


With all this time at home, we finally have the opportunity to get to those DIY projects we’ve been aspiring to. Whether it’s creating a home office, re-tiling the bathroom, building shelves or anything else you want for your home, now is the time to get it done. In addition to creating the space you’ve been dreaming about, you could also be the proud new owner of a Festool Sander. It’s win-win.

We welcome projects large and small. This contest is open to everyone! Share it with your friends!


  1. Follow @grandbanksbp on instagram.
  2. Submit a before & after photo by posting it to instagram with the hashtag #DIYGRAND, and tagging @grandbanksbp. Use the caption to describe your project, what you wanted out of this space, and how the project went. There are no wrong answers, just tell us what this project means to you.
  3. Our deadline is May 1, your project needs to be posted by this date. However, we understand how construction projects go. As long as your project is mostly finished by May 1, and you’ve submitted your before and after photos, you’ll be qualified to win.



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