Looking for a deal on a condo? Go to Boston.

If you want to see some really basic Boston market statistics, click here.

Suffice to say I’m glad I’m not trying to sell a $1M-$2M condo because there are 45% more condos on the Boston market right now than there were last year.

But if you’re thinking about buying in Boston, that’s a different story. It’s an “opportunity” if you can ride out:

  • the disposition of the virus
  • the stock market fluctuation
  • the upcoming election

How’s our market on Cape Ann? The polar opposite.

If you’re curious about which Gloucester and Rockport homes and condos are for sale, this is an easy way to find out. In the Cape Ann Waterfront Guide, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute information on pricing, size, bedrooms, “the works”, all via email.


Click here to sign up and receive your copy of the Cape Ann Waterfront Guide.

Bob and Sue McDermott • Kenny MacCarthy • Gibson Sotheby’s International

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