Get the Power – and Make a Difference

Last week, one of our employees, Carole Denapoli, found out about a campaign to help an elderly resident of Woburn. After talking to Atlantic Power Cleaning’s owner, Sean Coakley, they knew they had to jump in and help out.

Gloria is lovely older woman whose house was found to be in a deteriorating state. When sparks shot out of her light fixture, she went to a neighbor for help and was given the name of electrician John Kinney. After John fixed her immediate electrical hazards and got her lights back on, he noticed just how bad the situation was – poor electrical throughout the home, her refrigerator was plugged into an extension cord, no stove, broken kitchen sink, gutters falling off the house, and critters getting into the house. Gloria has no family, and her money is very tight. John put out a call to action to any skilled workers who would be willing to volunteer their time to help repair Gloria’s home and make it safe for her to live in. John started a Facebook page “Nice old lady needs help” where you can donate towards the cost of supplies needed and also get updates of all the wonderful work being done to help Gloria.

It’s been a long, challenging 2020 – to see this much kindness and good is fantastic. Get the Power – and give back!

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