Reaching your goals often requires thinking outside the box. And that’s just what this homeowner did.


Most of the time, the things you want don’t just fall into your lap. Reaching your goals often requires thinking outside the box. And that’s just what this homeowner did.

“It never hurts to ask.” It’s amazing how far you can go with such a simple phrase. The home of your dreams may be outside of your budget, or may not even be on the market, but what if you just asked. The answer is always no if you don’t ask.

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Our First Workshop

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On Saturday May 4th, 2019 we had our first workshop. We’ve been working on putting these together for a while, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything went. Our new showroom has a conference room that provides the perfect classroom space.  We have been working on pursuing these educational workshops because we feel that there is a need for this kind of continuing education. We know that this is a skilled trade, one that requires education and training that is hard to find or expensive.


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Stair Building 101 Workshop

Depositphotos_91435208_xl-2015.jpgJoin us for a workshop led by Fine Home Building ambassador Aaron Butt. We will start the day in the classroom learning how to calculate the rise and run of a stringer, and then move outside to put your knowledge to practice. Butt has taught at the North Bennet Street and is now a lead carpenter at Carpenter & MacNeille. He is a passionate carpenter and teacher. This workshop is designed to teach you how to build a basic set of stairs. Space is limited. To learn more or reserve your spot please email

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Building Home


medallion cabinetry kitchen vineyard maple finish


Creating a home always becomes something different once you start. You never end up where you thought you would. And often that’s for the best. A home can often feel like a far away dream, something that couldn’t really exist. Home is ever evolving.

These homeowners never thought they were going to be people that would build a house, but they did it. And now 30 years later, they are re-investing in their home by remodeling their kitchen. It’s a big deal, and an intense process. But in the end, it’s an investment in both the resale value of your home and your happiness. How is that not worth it?

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Opportunity Knocking


We love to think that we are in control of our lives. That we make our own decisions and create our own fate. Our country was founded on this notion of free will and choosing your own fate. But what happens when fate chooses you? When the perfect opportunity you weren’t looking for comes around? How do you say no? The answer: You don’t.

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The Rockport Lodge

Nothing speaks to warm weather like late summer nights on the porch. Sitting with friends and family, watching the last light of the day disappear behind the horizon and the feel of that cool summer breeze. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.  Although we may be in the dead of winter, summer isn’t really that far away. Installing interchangeable panels from Upstate means you can get out there even sooner. Get started on building or remodeling your porch to make the most of this year!

Rockport Lodge.jpg

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Create Space


Moving away from your family is a right of passage when you turn 18, but as an adult it can feel more like a loss. For many of us, we rely on our families for comfort and support. Our relationships are strengthened and defined by the day to day interactions and the yearly holidays are a bonus. However, when you no longer live a 5 minute drive from your core family members, things can change a bit. Having room in your new home to host your family can make all the difference.  Create space, and fill it with love so that your family is never far away.

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