We’re Hiring! Warehouse + Delivery

Grand Banks Building Products, located in Gloucester, MA is currently hiring a full-time team member for Warehouse Sales & Delivery. We specialize in high end building product sales including cabinetry, windows, doors, millwork, hardware and more. Grand Banks has been serving our local community for over 30 years and is a family owned, family run business who values their employees.

The right applicant should be organized and detailed oriented with a outgoing personality. Day to day responsibilities will involve customer service, accepting deliveries, making deliveries, placing orders, stocking products and more. You must be able to move heavy objects and work well with a team. You should have an entrepreneurial attitude and the desire to be part of a positive working environment.

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6 Scariest Surprises

Owning a home is not all roses and butterflies with white picket fences, it can be quite scary.There are any number of hidden nightmares lurking just below the surface or behind the walls, and you are the person responsible for all of it.

Most of the issues will be caught in a home inspection, but it’s hard to know all the secrets of a home. Often, the only time a home is inspected is when it is bought or sold. However, structures grow and change over time regardless of ownership. For regular maintenance and routine care of your home, follow our DIY Home Inspection. Picking up on these problems sooner than later can help you time & money. Many of these hidden horrors only show their true selves when the renovations start, wreaking havoc with your budget.

mold home renovations

1.  Mold

This is the silent killer that can invade your home. There are of course different degrees of mold. It may just a bit of mildew thats ruining your stuff, or it could be toxic black mold that’s harmful to your health. Home test kits can help you with early detection and tell you what type of mold is growing. Once you know what it is you are dealing with, you can then figure out what the best course of action is. Clearing out what you see, fixing leaks and airing a space out can solve smaller issues. If the mold is a larger issue, you may need to start breaking into wall space.

cracked paint exterior home

2.  Lead Paint & Asbestos

These outdated and dangerous materials can be hazardous and expensive to remove. Lead paint and asbestos, if kept in good repair, can be sealed, covered up and avoided, especially if there are no small kids in the home. These materials become dangerous when they fall into disrepair and can be costly to remove. Having it removed requires a Lead Certified contractor or a Department of Labor Standard asbestos certified professional. Be sure that you’re using a HEPA Dust Vacuum whenever dealing with lead paint. 

wood rot

3.  Rot

Anything made from wood has the potential to rot. Humidity, condensation or wherever water come into contact with wood can contribute to this. It’s not always easy to spot and can spread if not properly taken care of. Window sills, exterior doors, and the area around dishwasher/washing machines are good areas to keep an eye on. Anything that looks wet or soft is a potential problem area. As with everything, catching this problem early on can save you big time.

home renovation

4.  Flood Damage

Floods can cause major damage to a home, and it not typically covered under the standard home owners insurance. It’s costs extra, but it may be worth the money if you live in an area known for flash floods.  It’s scary how much damage a couple inches of water can do. 

windows vines

5.  Foundation Issues

Everything is based on the foundation. If there are cracks, missing supports or any other issues with the base of your home it’s going to be a big deal. Sealing up cracks when they first appear can prevent water from getting to the interior of the foundation material and making matters much worse.

filament bulb

6.  Knob + Tube wiring

As much as we love the old school filament bulbs, the old school electricity system that used to power them is a scary beast. If your home was build in the early 20th century, and still has it’s original wiring, it’s a system called “knob + tube wiring.”  This is an outdated, ungrounded electrical system that is dangerous and needs to be replaced. This comes across in the outlets of older homes, that are missing the third hole, or ground plug. It is expensive to replace, but if left in place it poses a big risk to both your family and property.Monica Banks


Designing Your Kitchen

Renovating your home and kitchen is always a challenge, and a little harder with a global pandemic. But at Grand Banks, we are committed to offering our design services now more than ever. Everyone deserves good design. It’s not just about being fancy, it’s about creating a home and space that functions well for you and your family. A place that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. A place for you to come home to at the end of the day and find refuge from the worries of the world. 

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Window Replacement Guide

Our homes are important, now more than ever. They provide the backdrop for our lives. They are the safe place we run to. The cozy blanket you wrap yourself in after a long day. It’s just as important for us to take care of our homes as it is for our homes to take care of us.

window sash weights

Replacing your windows is not usually a straightforward process. Depending on the window opening size, you may need to order a custom window. The first thing to know about replacing your window is whether you want new construction or a replacement window. New construction means that you will have to do some exterior work to your home and involves removing siding, and may require re-framing the opening. However if you are only looking for a replacement insert, you can remove the trim from the interior and leave the exterior unchanged.  This style of window offers the same benefits of a new construction window, with less installation costs.

barn window small square

With new constructions windows comes a lot of options, and it’s important to educate yourself about them before making your choices. There may be a better window for your space to help maximize light and space. Check out our Window Guide to see what other styles may work for you. We also have a glossary of parts if you have questions about some of the terminology. 

If your windows aren’t closing properly, you may need new hardware (a much less expensive fix). Remember that window performance and energy ratings are for when they are in the fully closed and locked position. That means that even though your windows are closed, if they aren’t locked properly you could still be losing more heat than necessary through them. Every little bit counts in the middle of February and you haven’t seen a double digit temperature in weeks.

kitchen window

Cracks in your storm windows or tears in your screens can also be problematic. Again, you are not maximizing the insulation or protection of your windows in these circumstances. Find out what brand of window you have and measure its size. These can usually be easily replaced, unless you have a custom window, but even if you do, there are solutions.

When you see condensation on the inside of the glass in your windows, that means that the insulation seal is broken. What this means is that you are not getting the most out of your window insulation here. Many windows carry warranties that can last 10-20+ against seal failures. If your windows are still covered under warranty you can contact the manufacturer. If you aren’t sure if your windows qualify or what the warranty is, please contact our team.

marvin double hung next generation

Windows are an integral part of your home and it’s important to make sure they don’t allow air and water to leak into your home. Leaking or trapping moisture in your home that can lead to rot and increased energy bills throughout the year. Replace problematic windows or parts now to avoid more expensive damage later. Take care of your home, and your home will take care of you.

If you have any questions about your windows, please feel free to contact us at team@grandbanksbp.com or 978-281-2421

Monica Banks


The Fall Checklist for Your Home

One of the first signs of fall is when the windows start to close. As New Englanders, it is a nearly universal point of pride to keep them open for as long as possible. Generally speaking, October 1 is the earliest acceptable date to turn on the thermostat. When the days get shorter and the wind gets colder, the windows start to come down. Closing the windows sets off a chain reaction. It’s a signal that there is more work to be done around the home with the changing of the seasons

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Building Home- Grand Banks Building Products

Creating a home always becomes something different once you start. You never end up where you thought you would. And often that’s for the best. A home can feel like a faraway dream, something that doesn’t really exist. But all the great things begin with a dream. 

medallion cabinetry kitchen vineyard maple finish

These homeowners never thought they were going to be people that would build a house, but they did it. And now 30 years later, they are re-investing in their home by remodeling their kitchen. It’s a big deal, and an intense process. But in the end, it’s an investment in both the resale value of your home and your happiness. How is that not worth it?  

kitchen overview medallion cabinetry vineyard maple finish island

Home is a space to be cherished, cared for, and used to the fullest extent. It’s the place we raise our children. It’s the place we celebrate accomplishments and mourn our failures. We spend late nights baking cupcakes for the bake sale we forgot about, or studying for a test that we just aren’t sure about.

medallion kitchen cabinetry appliance garage providence door style vineyard maple finish

Building home is a lifelong journey, whether you’re building your first home, or remodeling, you have to be ready to take the steps. It’s important to design the right space for your lives, and if you have the benefit of having raised a family in the house, you know exactly what you’re looking for in a remodel. Remodeling your home can be a powerful experience, and it can bring to life all the dreams you’ve had over the years.

medallion cabinetry kitchen remodel providence door style vineyard maple finish

Kitchen Cabinetry Supplied by Medallion Semi-Custom Cabinetry: Providence Door Style with Raised Center Panel, Sea Salt MDF Finish on Walls and Talls, Vineyard Maple Finish on Base cabinets only. All Plywood Construction, Soft Close Doors and Drawers.

Work done by Bob Puglisi

Monica Banks

Creating a Home Workspace

We’ve been working from home for a while now, and some of us are still taking up space at the kitchen table. While that may be all well and good, we want to make sure that everyone has what they need to make a comfortable workspace to get your work done at home. Whether it’s a school project or a business, having the right workspace is the way to set yourself up for success. 

If you don’t have a dedicated workspace, consider converting a closet. I know that closets are valuable space and it’s almost unfathomable to think about losing them, but perhaps this is a worthy cause. 

We connected with professional organizer + stylist Muffy White to find out the best way to create a workspace for you at home, and get you away from the kitchen table. “I love making home offices happen,” White told us. “As in you actually work in the office and not at the kitchen table, not that moving around is a bad thing!” 

home office small desk workspace


  • FIRST: At MWOS we do not ‘should’. Youshould make your bed, youshouldhang up your backpack. You are in control and youcould do these thingsif you want to have an organized simplified space, which inevitably carries over into life!
  • CLEAR THE CLUTTER: Start with a work surface that is clear of clutter!!Only have what you need on the desk – hopefully, there is a drawer close by for things like pens/post its/scissors…
bookshelves surround workspace inspiration
  • INGREDIENTS: Understanding what you want to accomplish in each work session is key. If you’re a book editor, you’ll need books, post-its, pens, etc. A programmer will need their computer, notebook and tablet. A salesperson might need their computer, phone and notebook. Whatever tools you need to get the job done, be sure you have them!  I admit I love paper, so I keep files BUT they are organized, color-coded and I edit them regularly. So for me nearby recycling is a must! Knowing the ingredients required to be a success 
  • C.O.F.F.E.E. or whichever beverage helps you work the best. Make sure you have a coffee system you like. 
  • LIGHT – there is a reason they are called “bright ideas.” Seriously, natural light is clutch and ambient (lamp) lighting too – it will boost your mood and your focus.
home workspace dog
  • CORD MANAGEMENT: Get those cords cozied up – using velcro or washi tape can quickly corral them so they aren’t taking over the desk. Smart outlets with USB ports, task lights have outlets these days too!
  • TAKE A SEAT: in a comfy (but not too comfy) chair. Having the right support throughout your day will ensure your comfort and allow you to work for longer. 
  • ADJUST YOUR PERSPECTIVE: have a view of art, a window or something you like to look at…a mirror (no judgment here!) – it is important to prepare for the fact that your eyes will wander from your desk…let what you see be calming and even inspiring. This is MWOS code for “Your entire office would serve you best if it was clutter-free.”
home workspace clean