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Are you worried about running out of money?

Do you know the difference between a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan? Between a simple IRA, a SEP, or a ROTH IRA? Which plans provide guaranteed lifetime income and which do not? Which plans are exposed to the vagaries of equity markets and which are not? The fact is most people contribute to or participate in plans without professional advice or knowledge and don’t have a clue about their real exposure, risks and costs. Before you get too invested in a plan that may not provide you with the financial security you desire why not learn whether your plan is what you need and want? Additionally, as one approaches retirement age, professional advice is essential before applying for social security or medicare, too, because gaps in medicare coverage can expose one’s household economy to devastating economic impacts, but, with a little planning, it can all work out for the better. Call me today at (978)290-2462

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Robin Hubbard is a financial consultant, advisor, planner and coach for individuals, businesses, and investors. An agile, refreshing alternative to franchise firms, I don’t push product but find solutions for individual needs and ambitions.

Looking for a deal on a condo? Go to Boston.

If you want to see some really basic Boston market statistics, click here.

Suffice to say I’m glad I’m not trying to sell a $1M-$2M condo because there are 45% more condos on the Boston market right now than there were last year.

But if you’re thinking about buying in Boston, that’s a different story. It’s an “opportunity” if you can ride out:

  • the disposition of the virus
  • the stock market fluctuation
  • the upcoming election

How’s our market on Cape Ann? The polar opposite.

If you’re curious about which Gloucester and Rockport homes and condos are for sale, this is an easy way to find out. In the Cape Ann Waterfront Guide, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute information on pricing, size, bedrooms, “the works”, all via email.


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